Now You Can Track SMART Goals Automatically [New Feature]


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When we set out to build a first-of-its-kind, automated SMART goal tracking tool, we first asked our customers and partners, “How do you set and track goals now?”


  • S特定
  • Measurable
  • Assignable
  • R真实
  • Time-bound


When we heard people tell us over and over, “setting realistic goals is hard to do” and even confess they don’t set time-bound goals because, “they fear the consequences of missing deadlines,” we realized we had our work cut out for us.


  1. 没有目标设定:They don’t set goals because they don’t know how to set accurate ones. Instead, they work towards general improvements (eg growing traffic or leads) ) rather than progress toward specific targets within a specific timeframe.
  2. 愚蠢的目标:In lieu of setting SMART goals, they report output (eg I published 10 blog posts this month) or time spent (eg we spent 30 hours writing your ebook) as a measure of their success.
  3. No goal tracking:They do set goals, but tracking performance to goal falls by the wayside. As time goes by, predicted performance proves elusive, documents get lost and goal conversations are forgotten. They end up reporting quarter over quarter or year over year improvement as success.

一位匿名用户说:“我们害怕将东西放在石头上。”“如果我们错过目标,我们很小,无法失去客户。取而代之的是,我们主要是在衡量可交付成果 - 我们本月访问了博客文章的配额吗?我们本季度完成了该电子书吗?我们之前尝试过记分卡,但它从未真正起作用,因为我们没有一种简单的方法来将性能数据全部获取,因此使用Databox。”beplay体育appios


公司努力,分配和跟踪time-bound goals isn’t a groundbreaking discovery. For years, marketing technology companies (and the agencies and consultants that support their users) pushed the idea of SMART Goals to help counter these types of challenges. By presenting a more structured process for setting goals, the hope was that more users would do the marketing work necessary to achieve their targets, and a higher likelihood of retention for the software and consulting companies pushing the concept.

The problem? No software actually allowed marketers to set and visualize SMART goals from start to finish.

So the challenge, and fear, persisted. Until now.



Specific: Target a specific area for improvement



These are good aspirations, but poor goals, as they rarely translate into productive action. The result? People, and teams, don’t know what to do to hit goals.


By tagging goals by department, everyone is in the loop as to how the goal will be hit, and who they can go to for support.

Measurable: Quantify or at least suggest an indicator of progress

With any goal, there are multiple channels and initiatives that will drive progress toward achieving it.



Once you’ve set a goal for a specific metric, any Databoard that displays this metric will visualize your current progress against this goal. These visualizations allow your team to make the adjustments today in order to hit meaningful goals down the road.




Attach an owner to a goal, and you’ve also attached an evangelist to that goal that will actively put measures in place to hit it.


您还可以为这些警报添加其他收件人,并选择要收到的媒介,即通过Databox Mobile应用程序或Slack推送通知。beplay体育appios


“Realistic” is subjective. That’s why it’s important that your team is having an open dialogue about what’s possible.


Now, any time you set a goal in Databox, you’ll see benchmarks on current performance for that metric, as well as daily, weekly, and monthly calculations for what you’ll need to do to hit that goal in your specific time period.

On the left, you have your goal calculated into monthly, weekly, and daily targets, as well as benchmarks for each to the right.

This will allow you and your team to have more frequent and productive conversations around realistic goals and the initiatives for driving progress toward them.

另外,通过将您的每月甚至季度目标切成较小的目标,您将知道您是否在轨道上或越来越快地进行轨道,因此当它们最重要时可以进行调整 - 现在就可以进行调整。

Time-Bound: Specify when the results should be achieved

Just like having an owner, goals also need a specific timeframe for being achieved.


In addition to listing owners on Goals cards, you’ll also find the number of days left in the time period you’ve specified during goal set up.

In one view, anyone can see how the entire company is progressing toward its goals, who individual goal owners are, and how much time is left to hit the goals.


听起来很棒 - 我可以尝试一下吗?



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