What is a KPI? A Comprehensive Guide with Tips and Examples

A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric that signals how well a company is achieving important business objectives. Here’s how to set and track yours.

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Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) help businesses turn high-level goals into actionable tasks with measurable results.

A common high-level goal is something like this: “Increase company revenue by 20% this year.” And while that’s a great goal to strive for, it fails to tell individual departments and team members what actionable steps they can take to help the company reach that goal.


您的员工需要什么反馈回路—short-term goals they can directly impact that provide a clear indication of success or failure.


而术语KPIs and metrics通常会互换混淆和使用,重要的是要澄清指标是用于跟踪进度或业务绩效的可量化措施。指标的示例包括收入增长,员工幸福感,网站流量等。



A Key Performance Indicator (KPI) is a metric that’s used to quantify progress towards important business objectives. High-level KPIs measure the overall performance of a company, while low-level KPIs focus on measuring the impact of tasks and projects led by individuals teams like marketing, sales, customer service, or IT.

KPIs cascade down from high-level goals. For example, your company sets an overall goal to grow revenue by 20% this year. Individual department leaders then define the specific components of that goal that their teams directly control and establish KPIs that will quantify their teams’ contributions to the goal.

what is a KPI

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KPIs are used for two primary objectives:

  1. to make sure every team and employee at your company has an actionable plan for helping you reach overall goals
  2. 衡量个人团队和员工对整个公司目标的贡献

For example, imagine that you run a customer service team. Your company’s goal is to grow revenue by 20% this year, so you need to develop an actionable plan for your team to follow to help the company achieve that goal.

In order to help the company grow by 20%, you need to reduce customer churn from 2.5% to 1% this quarter. Your team’s primary activity is to resolve support tickets in a timely manner, and you believe that if you can reduce your ticket resolution time from 12 hours to three hours, you will accomplish this.

Your team’s overall KPI, then, is your ticket resolution time. By setting a goal to reduce ticket resolution times from 12 hours to three hours, your team has an actionable plan for helping the company reduce churn—and therefore grow revenue.


假设你从4到ei增长你的团队ght people, and there are 800 tickets received each week. In addition to assigning them a three-hour resolution time KPI, you might also assign a KPI to each team member where they must resolve 100 tickets per week.

How to Define KPIs

example KPIs


There’s a huge difference between the goal “grow revenue” and the goal “grow revenue 20% this year.” If you simply aim to “grow revenue,” then revenue growth of $1 is acceptable, and employees will not be inspired to change what they’re doing.

KPIs must be well-defined so that teams and individuals knowwhatthey’re trying to achieve andwhen他们正在努力实现它。因此,KPI通常会跟随SMART goal criteria

  • Specific:是否足够具体,每个人都知道必须做什么?
  • Measurable:Can the objective be measured?
  • Assignable:Is the KPI assigned to at least one individual or team?
  • Realistic:Can the KPI be realistically achieved?
  • Time-bound:是否有实现目标的特定时间范围?

By defining the KPI in this way, you can be sure that the outcome is binary: pass or fail.

The general flow for setting business KPIs is: Set Company Goals > Set Department Objectives > Establish KPIs for Teams and Individuals

Companies first define high-level goals, like “grow revenue by 20% this year.”

然后,各个部门/团队创造目标 - 他们可以针对的特定目标,这将有助于公司实现其整体目标。例如,营销团队的目标可能是“将入站线索增加50%”。


  • 每周在第1季度将两个新内容发布到公司博客
  • Increase inbound organic search traffic by 15% in Q1
  • Refresh and optimize one old blog post each week during Q1

Each of these KPIs is specific to the marketing team, can be easily measured, can be assigned to specific teams or individuals, and is time-bound. As to whether or not each is realistic, that’s a discussion that leaders must have with their teams.

如果团队确定KPI是不现实的,则需要对其进行更新以反映更现实的事物(例如,“我们可以每次更新一篇旧博客文章weeks”) or changes need to be made to make the KPI realistic (e.g. “we’ll hire another writer”).

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How to Measure KPIs



KPI Metric
每周在第1季度将两个新内容发布到公司博客 # of new blog posts published
Increase inbound organic search traffic by 15% in Q1 # of users/sessions from organic search
Refresh and optimize one old blog post each week during Q1 博客文章的#更新

您将用于测量KPI的特定工具将取决于您的团队和员工用来完成工作的系统。营销团队可以使用Google Analytics(分析)来衡量其KPI,销售团队可能会使用CRM,并且支持团队可能会使用帮助台报告。

As your teams make progress towards hitting their KPIs, you can determine if each KPI—and the associated tasks required to achieve it—actually helped you accomplish your higher-level business objectives.

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What is a KPI Dashboard?


例如,如果茶m leaders define multiple KPIs for different employees, a KPI dashboard shows them the individual metrics they’re measuring for all of the KPIs they’ve defined and assigned. Likewise, company leaders can use KPI dashboards to monitor every team’s progress toward—and contributions to—company goals.


  1. Use a data visualization tool
  2. 创建一个spreadsheet
  3. 创建演示文稿

使用数据可视化工具是t的理想方式o create KPI dashboards because the data for each metric is updated automatically and in near-real-time. Everyone in the company can access these KPI dashboards, and there’s no need to manually update spreadsheets or build presentations when it’s time to report on progress.

在Dabeplay体育appiostabox,我们提供more than 200 pre-built KPI dashboards该团队可以用来合并来自70多个来源像Google搜索控制台,Stripe,ActiveCampaign,Ahrefs,Salesforce和帮助侦察兵。

For example, theHubSpot Marketing ATTRACT Performance dashboardbelow consolidates data from seven different sources: Google Analytics, HubSpot, LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and SEMrush.




If you need more help defining KPIs for your company, teams, and employees, consider the examples below. First, we’ll look at how three real companies defined the KPIs they track. Then, we’ll take a look at some general KPI examples for marketing and sales teams.

Real-World Example KPI #1:


Rheo.tv是一个网络,手机和Apple TV应用程序,可根据您的心情提供简短的娱乐视频剪辑。将其视为视频的Pandora:您选择心情(例如笑,寒意或火花),该服务将为您提供基于您使用该应用程序的历史记录的有趣视频。

Rather than using Rheo, users could be mindlessly clicking through YouTube or channel-surfing TV. So, theRHEO产品团队专注于daily active users作为他们的KPI之一。

In order to grow that number each month, the product team must create a “sticky” app: one that hooks new users and quickly convinces them to return again and again instead of reverting to old habits.


Real-World Example KPI #2: Databox

Databox homepage


我们是一个免费增值工具,这意味着我们有一个永久免费的版本,可以始终升级到付费版本。之一我们最大的KPIissignups to our free version

Sure, free product signups don’t lead directly to revenue, but a percentage of free users do end up buying every month. And, if the marketing team is generating page visits but not signups, that may be a sign that we are reaching the wrong type of user.





因此,Zappos客户服务团队是one of the best in e-commerce。他们必须超越所有其他电子商务商店,以及访问鞋店的亲自体验 - 以便他们测量call timerather thancall volumeas a KPI.

The difference may seem subtle, but call time encourages representatives to spend as long as they need with each customer, while call volume incentivizes reps to take as many calls in a day as possible.

Zappos went from the goal “grow revenue by X%,” to the objective “keep customer satisfaction at X%,” and landed on the KPI “spend an average of six hours/day on the phone with customers.”


As marketing has become ever-more digital, it has become increasingly measurable. In fact, marketing is the most measurable department in industries like e-commerce, software, and even service businesses.


A pasta brand was trying to设定营销目标这将衡量其品牌是否在消费者眼中增长。他们选择专注于网站会议因为他们的KPI,因为大量的会话应该表明消费者的关注。

But here was the problem: when Tom Shapiro fromStratabeatlooked at the pasta brand’s site metrics, he found that almost nobody was visiting multiple pages on the site or watching the videos. So the company was not really building its brand.

He recommended that they change their KPI to观看的视频分钟orbounce rateto measure the engagement of visitors.


  • Cost per lead:这是您的营销支出除以营销团队收购的新潜在客户。
  • 访客与铅比率:这可以帮助您了解需要带来多少流量来达到潜在客户生成目标。
  • 着陆页转换率:This determines which content offers are most popular with your audience.
  • 有机交通:This measures the number of visits that originated from organic search.



编者注:Databox makes it easy to consolidate and visualize your most important marketing KPIs. To get started, grab the freeOrganic Blog Traffic dashboard下面为KPI创建单一的真实来源,例如目标完成,顶部页面,有机流量和注册。




Based on your revenue goal, you should be able to calculate the number of deals that you need to close in a given quarter. And based on the number of deals you need to close, you should be able to determine the number of opportunities that your sales team needs to create.

Unfortunately, most companies stop there and fail to really build a predictable funnel. Have you ever sat down to review the quarterly numbers only to find out your team did not close enough opportunities? Unfortunately, by that time it’s usually too late to course-correct.

To avoid this fate, create a series ofKPI围绕销售活动so you can track progress on a weekly or monthly basis.

例如,您可以每周为每个销售代表设置勘探电话配额。您还应该跟踪call-to-meeting conversion rate为了确保您的销售人员正在开会,而不仅仅是打电话。


  • 发送的电子邮件发送:这是每个销售代表的外展电子邮件总数。
  • Meeting-to-opportunity conversion rate:这是销售人员将会议转换为机会的频率。
  • 合格的机会数量:This is the number of deals that meet certain qualification criteria.
  • 创建的总管道:This is the total potential revenue that a salesperson has added to the pipeline.


These KPIs form the basis of weekly or monthly meetings with sales reps. If reps are not hitting their weekly activity goals, they are less likely to hit their monthly quotas.

编者注:HubSpot CRM用户可以免费获取此集线器销售活动仪表板to track the activity of all your sales reps in one place. Not a HubSpot user? Get similar dashboards forcallrail,,,,Copper,,,,Intrix,,,,Pipedrive, 或者销售队伍


Get Started Tracking and Visualizing Your KPIs

If you’d like to define KPIs for multiple teams today, you can use the智能目标功能in your Databox account. On ourfree plan,,,,you can set up an unlimited number of KPIs from up to three of our 70+ integrations and assign them to up to three members of your team.


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