11 Free Plug-and-Play Marketing Report Templates You Can Use Right Now

Looking for examples for creating your next marketing report? Here’s everything you need, including plug-and-play marketing reports, for your next meeting.

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How long does it take you to create your weekly/monthly marketing performance reports?

A specific number might come to mind—a few hours or a few days—but a more general answer for most marketers is “too long.”

At Databox, we think building and sharing your marketing reports should be simple, so we created a library of200+ free marketing report templatesyou can use to create the reports you need quickly and painlessly—no spreadsheets or screenshots required.

The reports you build in Databox update automatically, so sharing your updated reports with your boss/clients at the end of the week or month is as simple as emailing a link. And the best part: you can use them as long as you want to on our免费的永远计划and only upgrade to a premium plan if/when you need to.

And while you should definitely take time to peruse the entire template library to find the perfect reports for your needs, we wanted to help you get started quickly.

But first, before we get into all of that, we need to cover the basics:


What is a marketing report?

A marketing report is an evaluation of the work the marketing team has completed during a specific period of time. It highlights the work that was done, and most importantly, the results generated (or not generated) from that work.

Basically, a marketing report is a summarization of two critical questions:

  1. What is the marketing team working on?
  2. How is that work performing and/or contributing to the company’s goals?

How often should you create a marketing report?

A good rule of thumb, when it comes to营销报告, is to create and share a marketing report with your entire company once a month.

If you share them too frequently, say every week, there might not be enough change or variation in your performance in order to present any meaningful insights. So, while the marketing team should be aware of how performance is trending on a daily and weekly basis by checking in on important dashboards frequently, the rest of the company would stand to benefit from seeing a marketing report every month.

Editor’s note:您是否觉得自己有很多不必要的会议?削减与DataBox报告和我们的报告所花费的时间beplay体育appiosTV dashboards。在你的电视,让显示美丽的仪表板performance always visible to others.


Now that you know what a marketing report is, you might be wondering what important segments to include in your first or next marketing report.

Depending on the purpose of the report, for whom you’re preparing the report and the data that is being reviewed. A good marketing report should include these 6 segments:

  1. Overall marketing performance
  2. SEO Overview
  3. 转换指标
  4. Campaign progress and projections
  5. Marketing financials
  6. Goals & KPIs

1. Overall marketing performance

本节阿布告诉你的团队和/或客户t how well your team fared in achieving its set marketing goals and objectives in the past month. It provides details into what worked and what didn’t work in regards to your target audience, marketing channels, website engagement, and so on.

2. SEO Overview

This section of your report provides an overview of your website analytics. It highlights how your website is doing in search engines and how much traffic is coming to your website and if you’re getting ROI for your SEO efforts.

3. Conversion metrics

If people are not converting upon reading your content, seeing your ad, visiting your landing page, that’s an indication something is wrong, which is why this section of your marketing report is important as it showcases how your site visitors found your website, how well your new and returning visitors are converting and how they progress through the marketing funnel (Visitor-Lead-MQL-SQL-Win Conversion rate), and the conversion costs incurred in the process.

4. Campaign progress and projections



5. Marketing financials

This section outlines your marketing expenses and which marketing priorities should be included in your marketing budget– based on what worked and what didn’t generate revenue in the previous month(s).

Including this section is useful as it helps you keep an eye on your marketing budget to avoid wasting resources on things that don’t matter.

6. Goals & KPIs


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11 Free Marketing Report Templates

这里有11个自由即插即用te营销报告mplates from our library—all created by either us or our代理合作伙伴:

  1. Email Marketing Report Template
  2. 社交媒体报告模板
  3. SEO Report Template
  4. Content Marketing Report Template
  5. PPC Report Template
  6. Google Analytics Report Template
  7. Facebook Marketing Report Template
  8. Google广告报告模板
  9. Facebook Ads Report Template
  10. HubSpot Marketing Report Template
  11. Project Progress Report Template

1. Email Marketing Report Template

Email Marketing Report Template

Created by:beplay体育appios

你的电子邮件营销提供者会告诉你如何哟ur subscribers interacted with your marketing email, but what’s usually more important for is how subscribers interact with your website after clicking a link in an email you sent.

This template helps you answer the following questions:

  • How many people visited your site via a link in your marketing email?
  • Which pages did those subscribers view?
  • Which campaigns were the best at driving traffic to your site?
  • Which parts of your email were subscribers most interested in?

All of this information not only helps you prove that your email marketing campaigns are driving traffic to your site, but it also helps you improve your future campaigns by showing you what your subscribers are most interested in.

Grab this templateor discover themost important email marketing metrics



Created by:Think Metrix

You could look at metrics in Google Analytics, LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube separately, add the data from each platform to a spreadsheet, and use that spreadsheet to build a visual report showing the impact of your social media efforts across multiple platforms. But you’ll waste a lot of time doing so.

A better approach is to use a dashboard like the one above that consolidates data from multiple platforms to give you a complete picture of your social media marketing performance:

  • How many website sessions stem from social media platforms?
  • How much traffic are social platforms sending to your website?
  • Are you growing your followers/subscribers month over month?
  • Are you expanding your reach on different platforms month over month?

Grab this templateor discover the最重要的社交媒体指标

3. SEO Report Template

SEO Report Template

Created by:Pepperland Marketing

Even if you don’t pay for any SEO tools, you still probably need to grab data from both Google Analytics and Google Search Console to populate your weekly/monthly performance reports. And if you pay for premium SEO tools, those are just additional sources of data you need to consolidate into a single report.

Instead, you can use this dashboard that consolidates data from Google Analytics, Google Search Console, SEMrush, and Moz to provide a complete picture of the SEO health of your website, answering questions like:

  • Are sessions and clicks from organic search increasing or decreasing?
  • Do you have any technical issues on your site that need to be addressed?
  • 您是否正在增加一个月的页面排名数量?
  • 您的域名权威会随着时间而增加吗?
  • 您是否有指向您网站的垃圾反向链接有任何问题?

Grab this templateor discover最重要的SEO KPI


Content Marketing Report Template

Created by:beplay体育appios

When you’re using your company blog for content marketing, there’s more to look at than just traffic and number of posts published.

To know if your content marketing efforts are really paying off for your brand, you need to understand if your blog posts are driving conversions and engaging visitors. And more importantly, you need to be able to identify which specific posts are doing the best job of generating conversions and engaging visitors.

This dashboard template makes it easy to answer those questions, showing blog KPIs like:

  • Total goal completions from all blog posts
  • Goal completions by individual blog post
  • 博客文章页面上的平均时间
  • Average number of pages viewed per session

Grab this templateor阅读有关如何使用它的更多信息

5. PPC Report Template

PPC Report Template

Created by:Alaniz Marketing

If you’re a paid ads pro, you probably have experience with both social and PPC ads. The Facebook Ads and Google Ads interfaces are notoriously difficult, meaning if you want to get even basic data, you need to click into multiple screens, select multiple dropdowns, etc.

This dashboard will give a high-level overview that you can check every day to make sure you’re not wasting money on the wrong ads. “Campaigns Overview” shows which campaigns are being shown most often on Facebook, and “Keywords Overview” shows which keywords have generated the highest click-through rates.

This helps you answer a variety of questions:

  • Where should you be spending more money?
  • 哪个来源每次点击成本较低?
  • 您的广告系列是否成功将人们带到您的网站?
  • Which campaigns are driving the most revenue for your business?

Grab this templateor discover themost important Google Ads metrics

6. Google Analytics Report Template

Google Analytics Report Template

Created by:Pepperland Marketing

If you feel like you’re continuously releasing new content but not seeing enough impact, you will be able to tell what’s going wrong by using this template.

Perhaps your session count is growing but you’re not bringing in new users. That means the same people are reading your content over and over again! Or perhaps your bounce rate is steadily increasing. That means quality is going downhill and visitors aren’t staying on your site.

This template gives you a big-picture view of both acquisition metrics (traffic) and behavioral metrics (what people do on your site).

In the table on the right, you can check whether visitors are actually enjoying your content while they are on your site. If session duration or pages per session are low, you may need to overhaul your content rather than search for more traffic.

On the right side, you can see the top pages by pageviews. If traffic is decreasing, perhaps one popular page is not getting as much traffic as it did last month.

This helps you answer a variety of questions:

  • Do I need to improve the quality of the content on my site?
  • 我的访客很受欢迎?
  • 我要吸引新观众吗?
  • 我要达到目标吗?

Grab this templateor browse moreGoogle Analytics report templates

7. Facebook Marketing Report Template

Facebook Marketing Report Template

Created by:beplay体育appios

If you’re trying to grow the audience for your Facebook page through organic social media posting, this dashboard provides all of the metrics you need to measure your performance. You can see trends in your post reactions, clicks, and shares; monitor your total pages likes; and answer questions like:

  • 我的大多数追随者都住在哪里?
  • Is my reach increasing, decreasing, or static?
  • Which of my posts have been the most popular?
  • Does my audience prefer text, image, or video posts?

Then, you can either share this dashboard with your boss or clients to highlight your wins or use what you learn from the data to continually improve your KPIs.

Editor’s note:很难跟踪来自多个仪表板的数据,所有这些都适合不同的客户?使用我们的仪表板报告软件,您可以connect dashboards from multiple client accountsin only ONE dashboard report. Find out more now.

Grab this templateor browse moreFacebook营销报告模板

8. Google广告报告模板


Created by:Revenue River

Google is constantly trying to decide which ads will be served first. This is determined not only by your automatic bid for a placement but also the quality of the ad itself.

If you create an ad that is earning a high clickthrough rate, Google can give you a higher position. This becomes even more important for competitive keywords. A high-quality ad could determine whether your ads are more visible than your competitors’.

This dashboard does a great job of giving you an overview of your whole Google Ads account. It answers questions like:

  • Are competitors aggressively bidding up CPCs?
  • Are competitors displacing your ads?
  • 质量和转换指标如何根据竞争对手的行动进行变化?
  • Are your costs or costs-per-conversion trending up or down?

Grab this templateor browse moreGoogle广告报告模板

9. Facebook Ads Report Template

Facebook Ads Report Template

Created by:Yello Veedub


This Facebook Ads report template helps you avoid that by answering questions like:

  • What is your cost per lead for Facebook Ads?
  • 您的CPC,CPM还是频率增加或减少?
  • How much in total have you spent on this campaign?
  • How much in total have you earned from this campaign?


Grab this templateor browse moreFacebook Ads report templates

10. HubSpot Marketing Report Template

HubSpot Marketing Report Template

Created by:Square 2 Marketing

Ultimately, you want your website to generate leads. But you also need to have an understanding of which channels are scalable so that you can use your limited amount of time as wisely as possible.

This dashboard shows you which channels have been most responsible for your total lead count. Using this data, you can decide to focus your efforts more on the channels that are driving you closer to your goals, as well as scale down those that just aren’t really contributing to your company’s bottom line.

This helps you answer a variety of questions:

  • Where are your visitors coming from?
  • 哪些消息来源不会转换为潜在客户?
  • Which channels can you focus on to turn more visitors into leads?
  • 您有多近达到领先目标的距离?

Grab this templateor browse moreHubSpot Marketing report templates


Project Progress Report Template

Created by:beplay体育appios

Marketing KPIs extend beyond just the impacts of your team’s activities on traffic, leads, and revenue. If you’re running a marketing project, you also need a way to monitor and report on the status of that project. This Asana project overview dashboard makes that easy, giving you an overview of:

  • Overall number of tasks completed
  • Overall number of overdue tasks
  • Number of incomplete tasks by project
  • Number of overdue tasks by project


Grab this templateor view similar templates forJiraandHarvest

Building Reports vs. Forming Data-Driven Insights

Hopefully, these report templates give you some ideas on how to measure your work. But remember: you need to do more than just look at your metrics each month. You also need to make sure you’re taking action on the insights that the data provides.

At Databox, we have 10 goals across all departments: marketing, sales, product, and customer support.


您可以了解更多有关setting goals for your marketing team here



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